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Below are links to news stories on the saga of Roman Catholic abuse at home and around the world.

News reports from 2012

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  • Cardinal Sean Brady vows to remain as former RUC officer says failures let abuse go on. 
  • Sex abuse undermined church: Pope. CASNI comment: The eucharistic congress was brought to Ireland in an attempt to divert the attention from the holocaust of child sex abuse and torture of Catholic children in Ireland, still to be exposed in northern
  • Dutch Roman Catholic Church ‘castrated at least 10 boys’. CASNI comment: The Dutch Roman Catholic Church castrated victims of clerical orders to silence them. They got their warped, unbiblical teaching wrong. They should have castrated their paedophile Priests and Christian Brothers who blighted the lives of innocent children. Their darkness knows no bounds!
  • Catholic leaders meet at Vatican conference to discuss pedophilia. CASNI comment: The Papal kabal gather to rid the world of child-raping Catholic priests and religious orders. A good place to start would be to give the governments the millions files you hold on your child abusing priests, nuns, and Christian Brothers and all the abusers you employed and then moved and covered up for over decades.

  • Fears of ‘asset stripping’ as Church plans artefacts sale. THE Catholic Church is considering selling off valuable historical artefacts to help fund a new £4 million Scottish national headquarters after the property crash left it out of pocket. Mario Conti, the Archbishop of Glasgow, instructed the Scottish Catholic Archives to compile a list of the rarest and most valuable items in the Church’s collection and find out their potential value at auction. In what one historian yesterday described as “asset-stripping”, the Church is considering the sale of items such as a 16th-century book of hours – an illuminated manuscript of prayers and psalms belonging to the Catholic Mary, Queen of Scots – to raise up to £1.5m.

News reports from 2011

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  • Dublin Mass attendances drop to an all-time low as just 14 percent go to Church. Bishop warns of biggest crisis since emancipation. CASNI comment: The Irish people have perhaps begun to realize that the Vatican’s unbiblical mass has nothing to offer but a life of deceit and empty pockets. This man-made religion has been exposed as being nothing more than a paedophile papal priesthood living in luxury.

  • New Vatican envoy to Ireland is elevated to Archbishop. New York Irish American has trust and faith of Pope Benedict. CASNI comment: The pope’s friend and the Vatican’s arch-deceiver, the grinning new, silver fox heads for the shores of Ireland to try and improve the poor attempt to cover-up of child-rape in Ireland by the Catholic Church. But Enda is on the lookout mast and has both barrels loaded!! Considering that Northern Ireland has yet to be exposed for its child-torture and rape by the Vatican’s orders of priests, he had best wait before he looks up here.

  • Irish Missionary faces damning allegations of child abuse in Chile. Columban priest under investigation by Church authorities. CASNI comment: Another Irish paedophile priest exposed, Father Healey of the Columban Fathers, and originally from Co. Kerry. The Catholic Church is a world leader in exporting paedophile priests around the globe.
  • Dublin Archbishop tells lapsed Catholics to leave the Catholic Church. Now enough to just attend weddings, baptisms say church leaders. CASNI comment: Take his advice – get out, shout out, stay out!!!

  • Cardinal Brady repeats apology offer to survivor over Brendan Smyth sexual abuse. After years of denials and concealment, private apology offered. CASNI comment: Cardinal Sean Brady refuses to publicly apologize to the child abuse victim he silenced in 1975. His actions as a canon lawyer allowed children to be abused across the island of Ireland. He has successfully prevented the Northern Ireland government making any public apology for their role in paying his church for the care of children who were abused, or holding a public inquiry into the abuse of innocent children since 1922.

  • Gabriel Byrne and Liam Neeson play prepares to open in NYC. Production comes at a poignant time. CASNI comment: World famous actors Gabriel Byrne and Liam Neeson, who hails from Ballymena, open a show in New York, about the real-life experiences of Dublin Councillor Mannix Flynn’s abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Sure to be a great success! See also A searing portrait of abuse – Mannix Flynn’s one man show ‘James X’ in NYC.

  • Up to 350 Irish priests were likely accused child abusers. New report shows it was far more than just a small element. CASNI comment: The Vatican’s National Board states that there were 350 child abusing priests in Ireland a shocking admission in itself! Yet the facts are that there are a few zeros missing in this revelation! Since Northern Ireland came into being in 1922 there have been no figures released on child abusing religious orders, priests, Sisters of Nazareth, and De la Salle Christian Brothers etc. To date, not one inquiry’s results have been released to the media. The last recorded one was in 1994. Thousands of statements were taken only to be covered up. The south of Ireland fared much better as they have had four public reports of a kind. Add all these together and you have hundreds of thousands of child abuse victims and tens of thousand of Catholic clergy abusers all across Ireland. Only an independent public inquiry by the Stormont Executive could disprove these claims. To date, they have refused to do so.
  • Beyond the grave, Smyth’s evil acts have left his order with a huge cross to bear. With massive debt and dwindling numbers, the Norbertines have accepted their fate. CASNI comment: Fr. Cusack, you personally allowed your friend, Father Brendan Smyth to rape and sexually abuse children even after the silencing of two of his victims by Cardinal Brady, the great canon lawyer who recently had to give them half a million! You treated UTV and the media as vermin, and you blocked every attempt to contain Fr Smyth at every level. Even when priests heard children screaming in Kilnacrott Abbey as Father Brendan Smyth raped little boys and girls, you had them removed for exposing this. You hid the Vatican’s letters that stated the “beast of ballyjames” was to be caged within the devil’s playpen (the Abbey). You allowed Father Brendan Smyth to sexually abuse children through 1975 and many years after in Nazareth Lodge, Nazareth House, and parishes in Belfast and elsewhere, including schools and parish homes. All attempts for a public inquiry have been blocked by the Northern Ireland executive. Political parties loyal to the Catholic Church will protect “mother church” and the Protestant parties don’t want the truth to come out.

  • Pressure on Cardinal Brady to make public apology to victim of Fr Brendan Smyth. Brendan Boland again rejects private meeting after settlement. CASNI comment: Apologize and resign Cardinal Brady!The man soley responsible for child-raping priests and religious orders roaming Ireland; his silencing of children sexually abused by Father Brendan Smyth in 1975 would have saved thousand of victims since then.
  • Catholic church reveals 85 priests accused of abuse. CASNI comment: Take heed that no man deceives you? Bishop McAreavey attempts to deceive the people of Ireland with his lies. This paedophile-priest protector employed by the Vatican knows only too well that the number of child-raping priests, nuns, and de la salle Christian Brothers runs into many thousands in northern ireland alone. His own diocese of Dromore witnessed the rape of children by his unbiblical priests. Counties ANTRIM AND DOWN are the biggest child-raping and torture counties in Europe – a fact that the victims, the Catholic Church, the police and the Stormont Executive know only too well. They have blocked an independent public inquiry into these facts. RESIGN!
  • Archbishop of Dublin attacks RTE bosses over Prime Time priest libel case. Church leader says Bishops would be asked to resign in similar circumstances. CASNI comment: The silence from this unbiblical false-face-of-rome Bishop D. Martin when it came to supporting the taoiseach’s exposure of the Vatican’s cover-up of child abuse of titanic proportions – see the 4 reports over the past 15 years – the revelations worldwide and the other media revelations, is typical of this wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • Northern Ireland Minister demands IRA apology from Republic. Claims Irish ‘funded and sheltered terrorists’ during Troubles. CASNI comment: The DUP’s Arlene Foster attacks the Taoiseach Enda Kenny over his call for an inquiry. Seems he hit a raw nerve here! Is this the same DUP who refuse to have an independent public inquiry into Northern Ireland’s torture and child-sex scandal; that once declared that it would never compromise its biblical principles???
  • Catholic dioceses in Northern Ireland to release reports on child abuse. Safeguarding Board reviewing how abuse has been handled historically. CASNI comment: These reports come from the Vatican’s organization headed by Ian Elliot, who must have his work passed through its channels and approved before it can be made public! Reports into selected dioceses only and not the children’s homes or institutions where most of the rape and torture of the innocent went on. Only a Northern Ireland public inquiry will solve this issue.
  • How the Catholic Church in Ireland can survive. We are a wounded church but not defeated. CASNI comment: IT CANT!!

CASNI comment: Stormont’s new incoming health minister, Jim Wells of the DUP calls for an inquiry into child abuse. He also states that if 10% of the child abuse is true in Northern Ireland then we have been sleeping!! Let the victims and survivors assure the DUP health minister that not 10% of what has been reported in Stormont is true, but 100%! Estimates of up to 100,000 people have been affected by it when the childrens homes and abuse in the dioceses is factored in. The abused victims in Northern Ireland can expect that the truth will come out; they will get justice and compensation from an independent inquiry, because surely the professing Bible-believing Christians in Stormont couldn’t contemplate NOT revealing such an evil in our midst! In September 2011 our First Minister and Deputy First Minister even agreed that this would be done.

CASNI comment: More evidence of the exposure of the Roman Catholic Church’s crimes of child sex abuse in Australia.

CASNI comment: The Irish government’s hero primeminister, Enda Kenny stands firm against the boot boys of Rome – the Vatican’s black pope soldiers.

FOR the boys hunted by the sickening nest of paedophiles that ruled Ballarat’s St Alipius school, there was no escape. They were trapped in an evil maze of aroused, leering priests and brothers drooling with anticipation at the thought of having forced sex with confused youngsters so frightened they thought they would die.

CASNI comment: The paedophile church is exposed in  child rape and cover up ‘down under’, akin to our own de La SalleChristian Brothers – a notorious religious congregation within Rome’s multi-layered false religion and with all the humanity of Himler’s SS.

Pope Benedict is said to be planning some “dramatic” changes for the Irish Church, according to the influential Irish Catholic newspaper columnist David Quinn and leading Irish theologian Father Vincent Twomey. Changes could include significantly reducing the number of dioceses and replacing most of the current bishops, reports the Irish Examiner. 

CASNI comment: As we stated a year ago, Cardinal Sean Brady WILL HAVE TO RESIGN. After all, he allowed Father Brendan Smyth to sleep in children’s homes run jointly by his church and state authorities. Smyth continued to rape children after Sean Brady silenced two children in 1975 who had been sexually abused. The Vatican is now going to help Ireland by reducing dioceses as they aren’t getting as much money into the plates to run their unbiblical teaching classes on a Sunday. Are they afraid that the devout may read the bible for themselves and find there are no catholic priests, nuns,or de la salle christian brothers in it?

A new report on the Donegal diocese of Raphoe will reveal that 20 pedophile priests sexually abused hundreds of children over a 40 years period. This report will detail another massive cover-up scandal within the Irish Catholic Church.

CASNI comment: The dam has now burst and the tsunami of revelations of victims and the truth of the Roman Catholic Church’s crimes against children continue to flow in the south of Ireland. Will Northern Ireland have to suffer the same fate for action to be taken? How long will it take for the government here to act out of a sense of moral duty and for conscience sake?

A leading County Derry priest predicts that in less than 15 years “at least a dozen parishes” in his diocese could have no parish priests. His calculations were made after examining the considerable reduction in the numbers of men entering the priesthood in recent years.

CASNI comment: Good news for the people who have long suffered at the hands of Roman Catholic priests!

  • Sack the bishops who fail in their duty: Fr Brian D’Arcy

One of Ireland’s best-known priests has called for bishops who don’t make the protection of children a priority to be sacked. Read more… 

CASNI comment: Northern Ireland’s government is ultimately responsible for the vast child abuse which has occurred since 1920 in Roman Catholic Church children’s homes, training schools and diocese’s because it funded these services. It is a complete falsehood to say that all Bishops have co-operated with the Roman Catholic Church’s own child safe-guarding organisation headed by Ian Elliot – who almost resigned after being lied to by the Bishops in the past! Bishop John Magee is but one example which clearly proves that Ian Elliot’s work is fatally flawed since it relies on the truthfulness and co-operation of the Bishops who have been proved to care nothing for the abused Catholics of Ireland.

A senior garda officer has been appointed to examine claims of clerical sexual abuse by Irish missionaries in Africa. A litany of allegations were detailed in RTE’s Prime Time Investigates programme against priests working in areas such as Kenya and South Africa. Read more


  • Shock as Catholic bishop who brokered multi-million dollar sex abuse settlement is found GUILTY of importing child porn.

A Roman Catholic bishop has been found guilty of importing child pornography in a case that has sent shockwaves through Canada and the Church. Bishop Raymond Lahey was stopped at Ottawa Airport after border guards found 588 images and dozens of videos of naked boys as young as eight on his computer and phone. Read more


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (CNN) – The Catholic Church in Philadelphia will investigate as many as 37 priests identified in a grand jury report as remaining in “active ministry with credible allegations of child sexual abuse,” Cardinal Justin Rigali, Archbishop of Philadelphia, said Wednesday.


  • Ireland’s Magdalene laundries scandal must be laid to rest

Church, family and state were all complicit in the abuse of thousands of women. The UN is right: Ireland must investigate. Read more

  • Priest who taught at St. Michael’s College School sentenced to 2 years for sex abuse

The Roman Catholic priest who sexually assaulted male students over a four-decade span as a high school teacher was sentenced to two years in prison Thursday. Read more including a victim impact statement

News reports from 2010

News reports from 2010

How Cardinal Sean Brady was exposed in a Dublin court:

A senior member of the Catholic Church has provoked outrage after he said he would not stop a child being abused if it breached the confidentiality of a paedophile.

Pontiff criticised for failing to set out reform programme as pressure grows on bishops.

TWO SERVING bishops have familiar questions to answer following publication last Friday of parts of the Murphy report which dealt with former priest Tony Walsh. They are Bishop of Dromore John McAreavey and Auxiliary Bishop Éamonn Walsh.

The Vatican tried to stop Irish church leaders from defrocking a paedophile priest, a previously censored chapter from a report has revealed.

Fr Bill Bermingham, the Cloyne child protection delegate who resigned his post amid controversy earlier this year, may have been correctly following the Catholic Church’s own child protection guidelines when he showed details of sexual allegations to the alleged abuser, the Sunday Tribune has learned.

CASNI comment: What a sham! Ian Elliot is currently involved with the Stormont Executive’s plans for an inquiry into child abuse in Roman Catholic Church institutions. His ‘expert’ involvement is surely called into question by this story which reveals that after his review of Church procedure, Fr. Bermingham was still able to share details of abuse provided to investigators by the victim with the abuser!

CONCERNS have been raised that a Sydney-based Irish priest ? who the church found guilty of sexually abusing two girls – continues to travel between Ireland and Australia and is not being monitored.

More than 100 children were taken from their families in the North by Catholic agencies to former British colonies, the health minister said today. Last month British Prime Minister Gordon Brown expressed regret for the “misguided” Child Migrant Programme, telling the House of Commons he was “truly sorry”. He also announced a £6m (€6.6m) fund to reunite families that were torn apart…
CASNI Comment: The health minister sets aside six million pounds to help 103 children sent abroad decades ago. How much is the DUP First Minister Peter Robinson and his health minister going to set aside for an independent public inquiry investigating the child abuse scandal in children’s homes and parishes paid for by the state?  A full independent public inquiry is necessary before Northern Ireland can be taken seriously across the world as ”moving forward”. Or, do they agree with the Auxilary Bishop of Down and Connor, Donal McKeown, who recently stated that this is “a red herring”.

Last week, Jennifer Sleeman, an 80-year-old Clonakilty woman, announced she was organising a boycott of mass on 26 September in anger at the Ryan and Murphy reports into clerical abuse, and in protest at the church’s treatment of women (a Vatican document recently likened the ordination of women priests to paedophilia).


AN IRISH priest in prison in the US, awaiting extradition to Ireland to face charges of sexually assaulting six boys here, is facing several legal actions by more alleged victims in the US…McCabe’s case has already caused embarrassment for the Catholic hierarchy here. The late archbishop of Dublin, Dermot Ryan, sent McCabe to the US when allegations about him surfaced.


PRIESTS are striking back. Catholic bishops yesterday released a DVD to remind people that the clergy has contributed much that is good, along with the “serious sins and crimes” of some priests. The ‘In Praise of Priests’ DVD consists of five brief interviews with a cross-section of Irish lay people, expressing their admiration for a particular priest who made a special impact on their life.
CASNI comment: Click here to watch excerpts from this DVD on youtube. Readers should know that there is absolutely no requirement for any human priest in order to have God’s salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only priest that we need as He is the ONE mediator between God and sinful mankind.

News reports from 2009

News reports from 2009

Four Catholic archbishops of Dublin have been criticised for covering-up clerical child abuse in a damning report into how the crimes were handled by the Dublin diocese.

A former mayor has said the Irish government did not have “the foggiest” understanding of the pain felt by the victims of child abuse.

Michael O’Brien, 72, from Clonmel in Co Tipperary, said during RTÉ’s Questions and Answers that Ireland’s constitution should be changed to freeze the funds of the religious orders.

A Donegal priest has described the abuse of children by members of the clergy as “the work of the Devil”. Speaking in his sermon to parishioners over the weekend, Letterkenny-based Fr. Joe O’Donnell described his shame at what some of his colleagues have done to children.

  • Brave victims of the clerical abuse speak out CASNI comment: Dierdre O’Donoghue and her brother were victims of the Roman Catholic church’s religious order “The poor sisters of Nazareth” who ran Nazareth House formerly on Belfast’s Ravenhill Road; and the notorious paedophile order the De la Salle Christian Brothers, formely of Rubane House, De la Salle boys home, Kircubbin. The Department of Health – until the time of Rubane House closed circa 1988 – were never out of this 250 acre site. They held countless meetings with its head administrator called reviews; supplied a social worker to each child for monthly visits from the day the child came into any state care until the age of 18; supplied minute detail of each child’s background and family history. Most of whom were orphans shipped there by The Poor Sisters of Nazareth from the Nazareth Lodge orphanage. The head administrator used this vital information to sexually abuse children on an hourly basis. He was Br. Florence, aka Joseph Scally, Europe’s worst paedophile. Scally led a legion of paedophiles and brutal child torturers in Northern Ireland. This brute also ran St. Patrick’s training school on Belfast’s Glen Road, now run by the Department of Health.

News reports from 2008

News reports from 2008

“A leading member of Ireland’s Catholic oldest newspaper has said that there is an onus on the community to take care of Father Eugene Greene…the former parish priest from West Donegal, when he is released from prison. The priest violently abused boys over a span of three decades and was incarcerated in 2000.” – SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!

 News reports from 2007

News reports from 2002

News reports from 2002

The evil saga of child abuse documented by The Boston Globe newspaper. This is what the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t want you to uncover in Northern Ireland!


News reports from 1997

News reports from 1997

Many questions need asking in this case, said one of his victims. A Roman Catholic primary school St. Columba’s in Portadown County Armagh closed!! For 22 years John Patrick Berry 50 vice-principal called the children from their classrooms into his office to sexually abuse them. Did the police interview all who attended this school whilst Berry was there? Did they contact all the parents of the children? What had the Roman Catholic board of governors have to say? Were all the teachers interviewed?

Click here for John Berry’s listing in the Offenders page.